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Chimeric Non-IgG Antibody Engineering Service

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Along with years of industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the field of antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive set of chimeric non-IgG antibodies engineering services including parental antibody development, chimeric antibody design, and chimeric antibody production.

Background of Chimeric Antibody

The chimeric antibody is a kind of modified antibody combining the variable regions of the heavy and light chains (namely the antigen-binding region) of one species with the constant domains of another species. Antibody chimerization is an important technology to decrease the immunogenicity of non-parental therapeutic antibodies. One of the early applications of this technology is the chimerization of mouse monoclonal antibody into mouse-human chimeric antibody for the purpose of reducing the immunogenicity while retaining the ability to specifically bind to the antigen. Compared with the original antibody, chimeric antibody possesses some significant advantages, such as a longer half-life, decreased immunogenicity, and a greater ability to mediate complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC). Since the advent of chimeric recombinant antibody technology in 1984, several chimeric antibody drugs have been approved by Food and Drug Administration, including Infliximab, Cetuximab, Abciximab, etc., all of which were IgG isotypes and have made great devotion to the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and tumors.

A schematic of the mouse, chimeric, humanized and human antibodies for therapeutic application.Fig.1 A schematic of the mouse, chimeric, humanized and human antibodies for therapeutic application. (Fiedler, 2017)

Chimeric Non-IgG Antibody Services at Creative Biolabs

Considering the excellent therapeutic effects of non-IgG antibodies and nonnegligible immunogenicity of non-human derived antibodies, scientists at Creative Biolabs optimize these therapeutic antibodies to obtain chimeric non-IgG antibodies through recombinant technology. In addition to a series of chimeric non-IgG antibodies, including Chimeric IgA Antibody Engineering Service, Chimeric IgM Antibody Engineering Service, and Chimeric IgE Antibody Engineering Service, our advanced technology platform also offers related non-IgG antibody chimeric engineering services.

Our chimeric antibody engineering services, no longer limited to IgG antibody, allow you to rapidly convert the species and/or isotype of your antibody to validate its potential in various therapeutic or diagnostic assays. Features of our chimeric non-IgG antibodies services include but are not limited to:

  • Donor or acceptor domains from species of your choice
  • Optional antibody sequencing service available
  • Reduce the immunogenicity of the antibody in vivo
  • Preserved parental affinity and specificity
  • Better glycosylation and post-translational modifications
  • Multiple subtypes: IgA, IgM, IgE

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer who offers a range of antibody engineering services for IgA, IgM, and IgE. We provide our global clients with various therapeutic chimeric non-IgG antibody engineering services with high-affinity and specificity to facilitate in vivo and bio-therapeutic researches. If you have an idea for a chimeric non-IgG antibody construct, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss!


  1. Fiedler, L.R. Antibody based therapy in coronary artery disease and heart failure. Heart Research Open Journal. 2017, 4(2): 39-45.

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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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