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With in-person events back again, Creative Biolabs is excited to greet you at the upcoming international conferences. Meet our team at 2022 BIO International Convention in June (booth #1754) and at the 13th Annual World ADC San Diego in September (booth number to be updated) for expert consultation on your drug discovery. Shoot an email to arrange an in-person meeting!

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Creative Biolabs is one of the world's leading contract organizations (CRO) that has always been an almighty bio-company in immunotherapy and pharmaceuticals, especially in antibody development, through more than a decade of exploration and expansion. Our one-stop drug discovery and analysis platforms are designed to develop Non-IgG antibodies that can be used as research tools, therapeutic candidates, or diagnostic reagents. We provide innovative solutions for global researchers, empowering them to create a brighter future for people worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Creative Biolabs offers an exciting work environment for our new and current employees - a place where opportunities abound. At Creative Biolabs, we have a strong belief that the company's success coincides with employees achieving personal and professional goals.


What We Offer?

Creative Biolabs takes a holistic approach to best support you every day and everywhere. Our Benefits Package Includes:

  • A competitive base salary
  • Both short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • First-year incentives for excellent beginners
  • Equity incentives based on longer-term performance
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Retirement benefits
  • Remote work options
  • Workplace perks and flexible work schedules
  • Financial planning

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To apply for a position that suits your interests, background, and qualifications, please complete the online application under the posting.


!! For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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