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Non-IgG Antibody Drug Conjugates Service

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At present, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) represent a promising therapeutic strategy for cancer by combining the antigen-targeting specificity of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with the cytotoxic potency of chemotherapeutic drugs. As a well-recognized leader in antibody production and development with over a decade of experience, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to the discovery of new therapeutic agents against various diseases. Here, we offer our clients with comprehensive high-quality non-IgG antibody ADCs (NADCs) services to promote the disease diagnosis and treatment.

Background of Non-IgG Antibody Drug Conjugates

ADCs, as important biopharmaceutical drugs in the field of anticancer therapy, have been attracting increasing attention in recent years. These designed drugs combine advantages of mAb-based targeting ability and chemical molecules-based cytotoxicity. Almost all anti-cancer chemical drugs kill tumor cells while showing cytotoxicity to normal cells due to their low selectivity. On the other hand, to achieve significant clinical efficacy, most approved anti-tumor antibody drugs usually applied for treatment in combination with chemical anti-cancer drugs. Therefore, ADC was born, in which the cytotoxic agents are covalently conjugated to human or humanized mAbs through chemical linkers. By combining the targeting capabilities of monoclonal antibodies with the cancer-killing ability of cytotoxic drugs, ADC possesses the ability to discriminate the healthy and diseased tissue. Once binding of the antibody to the targeted tumor antigen and internalization of the complex into the cancer cell, the drug is then released in its active form with abundant quantity to kill the cell.

Currently, only one ADC was approved for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in 2000, an ADC consisting of anti-CD33 recombinant humanized IgG4 kappa antibody and calicheamycin derivative. Fortunately, many novel ADCs are being explored and developed, and several candidates are evaluated in clinical trials. However, all of these ADCs are based on IgG antibody and none of them derives from non-IgG antibody isotypes, even though these non-IgG antibodies exhibiting many unique advantages for disease treatment. This probably results from difficulties in producing high-purity monoclonal non-IgG antibodies and the lack of appropriate solutions.

Structure and mechanism of action of antibody-drug conjugates. Fig.1 Structure and mechanism of action of antibody-drug conjugates. (Tsuchikama, 2018)

What Can We Do for You?

ADCs and NADCs are composed of three major components: the monoclonal antibodies, a cytotoxic payload, and a molecular linker that covalently bridges these two components. An ideal ADC should be chemically and physiologically stable in the bloodstream, and the antigen-binding pattern should be similar to those unconjugated antibodies. It exerts potent payload toxicological effects once internalized. Developing an ADC is an elaborate process and an effective combination of the most suitable components will significantly increase the chance for a successful ADC. As an experienced expert in the field of antibody and ADC discovery and development, Creative Biolabs is trying to develop ADC using our non-IgG monoclonal antibodies and now is capable of providing non-IgG antibodies drug conjugation design and development services based on our expertise and technologies of ADC. What we can do mainly include but are not limited to:

  • Non-IgG Antibodies Services: we provide not only a broad spectrum of specific non-IgG antibodies products to select but also related antigen selection, antigen-specific non-IgG antibody production, screening, and engineering services.
  • Linker and Conjugation Services: linkers also play a significant role in constructing ADCs. Using our DrugLnkᵀᴹ platform, we offer custom ADC linkers' synthesis and modification services. Then, the effective drug and selected non-IgG antibodies are assembled through an appropriate linker.
  • Evaluation Services: pharmaceutical analysis is necessary for these well-designed therapeutic non-IgG antibody derivatives. Creative Biolabs offers extensive characterization services including both in vitro evaluation and in vivo evaluation.

Schematic of ADC components and their role in ADC design, engineering, and functions. Fig.2 Schematic of ADC components and their role in ADC design, engineering, and functions. (Hoffmann, 2018)

Besides the expertise in antibody design and engineering, Creative Biolabs is also dedicated to the unique areas of ADC developing via the conjugation of non-IgG (mainly IgA, IgM, and IgE) monoclonal antibodies with a variety of payloads. With more than 10 years of experience in bio-conjugation chemistry and high-resolution imagery, the scientific team at Creative Biolabs can provide customers with comprehensive services from antibody design to the production of fully conjugated non-IgG antibody drug.


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