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Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to providing scientific and high-quality antibodies products and related services and has made remarkable achievements in non-IgG antibody development in the past decade. Undoubtedly, Creative Biolabs is the best choice in non-IgG antibody analysis and development aided by advanced technology platforms and strong comprehensive strength.

About Creative Biolabs

About us-1-Creative Biolabs. Headquartered in Shirley, New York, Creative Biolabs, Inc., has always been a totipotent bio-company in immunotherapy and pharmaceuticals, especially in antibody development, through more than a decade of exploration and expansion. The original intention of Creative Biolabs is to accelerate the discovery of more effective therapeutic biomolecules by providing high-quality professional solutions and reliable supports for worldwide customers. Driven by the value of customer-centered principle and quality first, we not only provide diversely off-the-shelf or customized antibodies and related products, more importantly, our specialized scientists will also be perfect partners in providing tailored proposals and solutions to promote the progress of your projects. Our comprehensive one-stop antibody development system, ranging from antigens design, antibody engineering & production, to pharmacodynamic evaluation, etc., is bound for satisfying your specific demands.

About Non-IgG Therapeutic Antibody

About us-2-Creative Biolabs.

Having made inspiring achievements in IgG antibody development, we are also experienced in non-IgG antibodies (such as IgA, IgM, and IgE antibody) production and engineering, which exhibit several features and advantages over IgG antibodies.

IgA antibody performs well in mucosal immune response and is considered to be a good candidate for mucosal target. Polymeric IgM antibody shows stronger binding ability and complement-dependent cytotoxicity. IgE antibody is demonstrated to induce stronger immune surveillance and superior anti-tumor effects over IgG antibody. All these non-IgG antibodies are displaying tremendous potential and exploration space in multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

About Our Services

About us-3-Creative Biolabs. Compared with widely applied IgG monoclonal antibodies, the development of non-IgG antibodies is lagging behind principally due to the challenges in large-scale production and purification. Attracted by the favorable features of non-IgG antibodies, Creative Biolabs is actively engaged in the research and development of these non-IgG antibodies to find more effective therapeutic candidates. After years of effort, we now provide the largest portfolio of high-quality non-IgG antibody products. In addition, we can also support our customers in the complete process of non-IgG antibody development, from antigen discovery, antibody engineering, production & characterization to application guidance. Creative Biolabs is capable of being your trustworthy partner for your non-IgG antibody projects.

Want to know more about our non-IgG antibody services, please feel free to contact us or communicate with us about your needs. Our scientists are confident in offering satisfying and the best solutions to meet your demands.

!! For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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