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Antibody Isotype Switching Service

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As a senior expert in antibody development, Creative Biolabs owns lots of scientists who are proficient in non-IgG therapeutic antibody production, engineering, and application. Our professional scientists are pleased to provide the custom non-IgG antibody isotype switching service against diverse disease biomarkers to diagnose and treat related diseases efficiently. We believe our first-class services will fit your needs in your most critical research requirements.

For many indications therapies, choosing the appropriate antibody isotype and format is as critical as having the right antigen specificity. Creative Biolabs can help you obtain suitable isotype based on your parental antibody and intend application. Utilizing our advanced antibody engineering techniques and expertise, our scientists are able to switch antibody isotypes among these five isotypes (IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE, and IgM) of any species.

Immunoglobulin Class Switching

In the human body, immunoglobulin class switching takes place rapidly after the activation of mature naive B cells, leading to a switch from expression of IgM and IgD to the expression of IgG, IgE, or IgA. The first class of immunoglobulin produced in an immune response is IgM. With the immune response progressing, the immunoglobulins produced by B cells change from predominantly IgM to IgG, IgE or IgA classes dependent upon the type of stimulation. In fact, only the constant-region of the antibody’s heavy chain is altered while the variable region of the heavy chain remains invariable during this process, which results in changes in antibody binding to different effector molecules rather than changes in antigen specificity. This switch can promote the ability of antibodies to remove the pathogen by inducing the immune response that they are expert in.

In vitro, class switching occurs by the deletional recombination between two switch regions, each of which is associated with an H chain constant region gene. During the class-switch recombination (CSR), the constant region of the antibody heavy chain is changed, but the variable region of the heavy chain retains the same. Similarly, this recombinant switching does not change antigen specificity since the variable region does not alter. CSR is initiated by activation-induced cytidine deaminase, which converts cytosines in switching regions to uracils. The uracils are subsequently removed by two DNA-repair pathways, resulting in mutations, single-strand DNA breaks, and the double-strand breaks required for CSR.

Diagram of the mouse IgH genes in naive mature B cells expressing IgM and IgD as well as CSR to IgG2b. Fig.1 Diagram of the mouse IgH genes in naive mature B cells expressing IgM and IgD as well as CSR to IgG2b. (Stavnezer, 2014)

Antibody Isotype Switching Services in Creative Biolabs

Based on years of non-IgG antibodies research and development, our seasoned scientists have found that these non-IgG antibodies (mainly IgA, IgM, and IgE) exhibit unique advantages in some diseases therapies, especially when it comes to cases that IgG fails to achieve the desired therapeutic effects. In addition to our pre-made products and custom non-IgG antibody production, we are also capable of providing antibody isotype switching services among the five main immunoglobulin classes (IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE, and IgM). Using our first-class antibody engineering techniques, we are not only able to switch other antibodies to desired IgG isotype, but also change the isotype or subtype to these non-IgG antibodies.

Work with Us and Gain Success!

Switching an antibody to a suitable isotype can help it gain better performance in effector functions and disease therapies. As a senior company in antibody research and service providing, Creative Biolabs has bent itself into non-IgG antibody exploration for several years to improve the abilities of our comprehensive antibody services. We can customize our isotype switching services according to your needs and purpose using our extensive antibody engineering technologies and expertise. What you need to do is just directly contacting us.


  1. Stavnezer, J.; Schrader, C.E. IgH chain class switch recombination: mechanism and regulation. Journal of Immunology. 2014, 193(11): 5370-5378.

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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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