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With the in-depth research, increasing studies have revealed that not only IgG monoclonal antibodies but also non-IgG antibodies (IgA, IgM, and IgE) display pivotal effects and absolute advantages in human disease treatment, particularly tumor therapeutics. As an antibody service support company that dedicated to human health, Creative Biolabs provides all-direction non-IgG therapeutic antibodies service started with non-IgG antibodies production and purification.

Antibodies Production and Purification

Nowadays, antibodies are extensively applied as powerful tools in diverse biomedical fields ranging from basic scientific researches, clinical diagnosis to disease therapeutics, especially in tumor target treatment. Thus, the production and purification of antibodies with high yield, purity and specificity are the basic and crucial procedures. In consideration of the properties of non-IgG antibodies (e.g., size, structure, charge, and glycosylation) are different even more complex, traditional methods of antibody production and purification are not sufficiently applicable to non-IgG antibodies. Here at Creative Biolabs, novel and effective technologies and strategies have been widely explored for the production and purification of non-IgG antibodies (mainly IgA, IgM, and IgE isotypes). We are now pleased to provide customers with our professional non-IgG antibodies production and purification services.

Non-IgG antibodies production and purification. Fig.1 Non-IgG antibodies production and purification.

  • IgA Production and Purification
    Quite different from IgG antibody, IgA predominantly represents in a dimeric form also called secretory IgA (sIgA) that distributes in mucous secretions, while monomeric IgA exists in serum with a small number. Based on its properties, IgA production by classical hybridomas technology tends to immunize animals through mucosal presentation of antigen, which can increase the frequency of IgA-producing B cells in the spleen. The main solution we chose for IgA generation is recombinant technology based on our Expression System Platform. IgA purification can be conducted by chromatography including affinity chromatography (protein A/G/L and peptide M) and exchange chromatography.
  • IgM Production and Purification
    Production of IgM antibody in quantities is more difficult than IgG antibody due to its large molecule weight and polymeric form. Currently, IgM antibody can be produced by hybridoma technique and recombinant technology. Size exclusion chromatography and ion-exchange chromatography, rather than affinity chromatography (including protein A/G), are more suitable for IgM purification.
  • IgE Production and Purification
    IgE antibody is the least abundant isotype that only exists in mammals, which plays a significant role in anti-parasitic infection, allergic reactions and anti-tumor effect. For further anti-tumor treatment researches, we produce recombinant IgE antibody by single-cell amplification based on our well-established Expression System Platform and then purify IgE antibody by suitable affinity chromatography.
  • IgY Production and Purification
    Compared with mammalian IgG antibody, the high specificity, high affinity, and lower risk of cross reactivity endow IgY antibody with application value in the field of laboratory research and diagnosis. Creative Biolabs also has developed s seasoned approach for IgY antibody production and purification in an cost-saving manner.

 A process of our antibody production and purification. Fig.2 A process of our antibody production and purification.

Features of Our Non-IgG Antibody Production and Purification Service

  • Comprehensive and advanced platforms
  • Creative and professional strategies
  • Specialized scientists at the Ph.D. level and professional staff
  • Fully customizable experimental design to expand beyond standard procedure

Please do not hesitate, just directly contact us for more details if you are interested in our services. Creative Biolabs is pleased to use extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products to satisfy each demand from our customers.

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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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