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Non-IgG Antibody Application for Vaccine Development

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Vaccine development based on therapeutic antibodies has a long history. Nowadays, scientists are paying more and more attention to develop novel vaccines which take full advantages of non-IgG antibodies. As a front-runner in scientific service providing, Creative Biolabs is proud to announce that we can offer the best non-IgG antibodies for vaccine development services based on our professional antibody platforms and vaccine platform.


Vaccine Development Antibodies are a class of bioactive substances produced by the immune system which are mainly involved in the body's resistance and elimination of exogenous microorganisms and abnormal internal components. With the emergence and development of hybridoma technology, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAb) have made inspiring and dramatic advances in human health through protecting the body against infections and inflammation, showing excellent performance in tumors treatments. The advent of the first successful vaccine against smallpox has ushered the antibody application for vaccine into a new era. Almost all antibodies used in vaccine research and development are IgG isotypes, and non-IgG antibodies for vaccine development are limited and necessary. Recently, vaccine development against a diversity of microbial pathogens and tumors based on non-IgG antibodies (mainly IgA, IgM, and IgE) has drawn increasing interest.

IgA Antibody Application for Vaccine Development

IgA antibody is the most abundant antibody isotype as well as the main component of mucosal immunity, which plays a pivotal role in human immunity as the first line of defense. Vast majority infectious pathogens and external factors enter into the host through the mucosal tissues, where IgA antibody plays a major role. Therefore, IgA antibody shows great potential in the mucosal vaccine development to prevent human from various infections. Passive mucosal delivery of IgA antibody improves the host's ability to resist infections, especially gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. Moreover, vaccine development with secretory IgA alongside can increase delivery targeted on mucosal sites and immune cells.

IgM Antibody Application for Vaccine Development

IgM antibody is the largest antibody in all five antibody isotypes, as well as the first antibody in the primary immune response. Despite less specificity, IgM antibody presents higher active in cytolytic and cytotoxic reactions because of its polymeric form and superior activation of the complement system. Furthermore, compared with IgG antibody, IgM can effectively target antigens or markers on tumor cells with higher avidity. Owing to these advantages, IgM antibody performs will both as a vaccine adjuvant and a preventive vaccine in novel vaccine development.

IgE Antibody Application for Vaccine Development

IgE antibody is the only isotype in mammals that mainly involves parasites defense and allergic reactions of the body. Recent researches reveal that IgE antibody plays a critical action in tumor recognition, cancer immune surveillance, even antitumor immunity. Similarly, the IgE antibody presents great potential in the application for protective vaccines and novel T-cell-based tumor vaccines development.

Non-IgG antibodies behave great advantages over IgG isotype antibody in certain cases when it comes to vaccine development. Accordingly, Creative Biolabs has bent ourselves in non-IgG therapeutic researches day and night for many years aiming to provide all-direction non-IgG antibody services with the highest quality. After years' effort and experience, we are now providing a series of non-IgG therapeutic antibody products and development services ranging from discovery, engineering, production and purification, to characterization and PK/PD evaluation.

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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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