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Increasing laboratory researches and clinical tests indicated that non-IgG antibodies have unique therapeutic advantages over IgGs in the treatment of human diseases, especially tumors. In order to discover more efficient tumor-therapeutic strategies and provide more comprehensive antibody services, Creative Biolabs has devoted large quantities of time and energy to the non-IgG antibodies research and development. Here, we are more than pleased to offer one-stop and fully customized service about non-IgG antibodies applied for thymoma treatment.

Brief Introduction of Thymoma

Thymoma is a rare tumor but is one of the most common neoplasms of the anterior mediastinum, originating from the epithelial cells within the thymus (an important part in the development of the immune system). Thymoma is associated with a variety of lymphocytes, predominantly immature T-cells. Depending on the size of the tumor and its effects on surrounding organ tissues, clinical signs and symptoms are various, including chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, phrenic nerve palsy, and sometimes superior vena cava syndrome. At present, the clinical diagnosis of thymoma is largely based on the biopsy of the gland and its histological classification. However, the diagnosis is still a big challenge because of enormous variability in histological, biological and genetic features.

The most common treatment of thymoma is surgery to remove the tumor once diagnosed. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and a combination of these are also used for the treatment of thymoma in different types and stages. Novel therapies are being explored and evaluated both in the laboratory and clinical trials to improve the treatments of thymoma and thymic carcinoma.

IgE Antibodies for Thymoma

IgE is a tremendously powerful elicitor of the immune response, which is normally relegated to anti-parasite immunity and allergic manifestations. Currently, it has been documented that IgE is closely related to cancer and cancer might be tackled by the effector functions of this immunoglobulin class. In normal adults, the geometric mean IgE level is 105 ng/mL with a 95% interval of 5 to 2045; however, in the patients with thymoma, IgE is markedly reduced even to an undetectable level. In addition, a generalized reduction of all classes of immunoglobulin molecules, absence of eosinophils and reduction of the immune response are present in thymoma patients. Anti-tumor IgE antibody was demonstrated to redirect cytotoxic T lymphocytes to lyse E3 thymoma cells in the mouse. Due to its peculiar immune features, IgE may present a superior anti-tumor performance as compared to IgG.

Effects of anticancer strategies including antitumor IgE antibodies on macrophages. Fig.1 Effects of anticancer strategies including antitumor IgE antibodies on macrophages. (Karagiannis, 2017)

Features of Our Services

  • Perfect hardware and software facilities
  • High yield and excellent reproducibility of antibody production
  • One-stop and tailored service based on your specific demands
  • High-quality products with stronger affinity and effector functions

As a well-recognized leader in disease diagnosis and antibody development, Creative Biolabs has exploited advanced non-IgG therapeutic antibodies platform to provide development and engineering services. Now, we can provide one-stop and tailored services, as well as diversified premade products to satisfy clients' demands for various applications. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a quote.


  1. Karagiannis, S.N.; et al. Therapeutic IgE antibodies: harnessing a macrophage-mediated immune surveillance mechanism against cancer. Cancer research. 2017, 77(11): 2779-2783.

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