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Prostate Carcinoma

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Creative Biolabs is a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the field of antibody development. In addition to well-developed IgG antibodies, we are also skilled in offering functional non-IgG antibodies development based on diverse technology platforms. We believe our non-IgG antibody products and services will promote your project success in a short time.

Introduction to Prostate Carcinoma

Prostate cancer is a type of adenocarcinoma that affects the prostate, a gland that plays a critical role in urine control and seminal fluid production in men. It is the most common solid tumor among men and the second most common cause of cancer deaths among men. It is potentially curable if diagnosed promptly in the early stages of prostate cancer. However, there are no or inconspicuous symptoms at the early stages of prostate cancer, thus increasing the difficulties of diagnosis and therapy. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is widely used as a tumor marker in diagnosing and monitoring prostate cancer. But the detection of PSA is not sensitive because serum PSA levels do not increase significantly until the tumor reaches a volume that exceeds 1 cc. The combination of detection PSA and PSA-antibody may be a better strategy for improving the sensitivity of prostate cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, compared with IgG antibody, non-IgG antibodies (mainly IgM and IgE antibody) are also alternatives to IgG antibodies for prostate cancer treatment with several advantages.

Mechanisms of monoclonal antibody-induced cytotoxicity on the prostate cancer cell. Fig.1 Mechanisms of monoclonal antibody-induced cytotoxicity on the prostate cancer cell. (Vlachostergios, 2017)

Non-IgG Antibodies for Prostate Carcinoma Treatment

➢ IgM antibodies

IgM is the largest antibody among the five major classes of immunoglobulin. It is generated as a B cell membrane-bound monomer and a secreted pentamer. IgM is also called "natural antibody" due to its ability to bind to specific antigens without prior immunization. In the immunotherapy of prostate carcinoma, the current function of the IgM antibody is mainly embodied in the improvement of sensitivity of diagnosis at the early stage. The serum levels of the PSA-IgM immune complex is a complementary serological marker. The combination of PSA-IgM with total PSA is the best approach for the diagnosis of prostate carcinoma.

➢ IgE antibodies

IgE, a class of human antibody, is composed of two heavy chains and two light chains with approximately 188 kDa in size. It plays a role in natural defense against parasites such as helminths and allergic reaction. Increasing evidence has been indicated that IgE isotype may have higher efficacy and unique advantages in targeting "solid" tumors over IgG antibody. Compared to the IgG class, IgE binds to its receptors FcεRs with higher affinity. A study has been implicated anti-prostate specific antigen IgE antibody can trigger immune activation and exhibit favorable anti-tumor protection.

Non-IgG Antibody at Creative Biolabs

It is universally known that Creative Biolabs is specialized in antibody development. Equipped with the advanced technologies and experienced expert team, we are now able to provide the first-in-class non-IgG antibodies therapeutic services for prostate carcinoma. Our technology platforms include hyperdoma, phage display, and antibody engineering, etc., which are optimal for antibody development and antibody-related services.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about the non-IgG antibodies. Our Ph.D. scientists will customize the best non-IgG antibodies solution for you.


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