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Non-IgG antibodies Development for Rotavirus Infection Therapy

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Non-IgG antibodies (such as IgA subclass) play a critical role in the establishment of immunity against rotavirus infection. With professional scientists committed to antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs is professional in providing one-stop non-IgG development services, including antibody production, purification, modification, etc. Our advanced platform for non-IgG therapeutic antibody development offers the most diversified and effective choice to help you get milestone success. IgA is one important class of therapeutic antibodies that we provide as promising treatments for human rotavirus infection.

Brief Introduction of Rotavirus Infection

Rotavirus infection is a leading cause of severe, dehydrating gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines) in children between the ages of six months and five years. It is caused by rotavirus, a contagious double-stranded RNA virus, and is often taken in by the mouth. Rotavirus infection is spread through contamination of hands, infected airborne droplets, objects, food or water with infected feces. The typical symptom of rotavirus infection is diarrhea, which is induced by the destruction of absorptive enterocytes (leading to malabsorption), intestinal secretion stimulated by rotavirus nonstructural protein 4 and activation of the enteric nervous system. In addition, rotavirus can replicate in infectious sites and cause antigenaemia and viraemia. Simultaneously, both B and T cell immune responses are induced in the body when invaded by the rotaviruses. IgG, IgM, and IgA antibody isotypes specific to the rotavirus antigens are produced, all of which have been indicated to neutralize viral infectivity in vitro and in vivo.

Rotavirus vaccine is a strategy that exerts a protective effect against rotavirus infections based on the immune mechanism. Although the global introduction of vaccinations for rotavirus started over two decades ago, rotavirus infections still result in >200,000 deaths annually, mostly in low-income countries. Scientists are trying to apply monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies as therapeutic methods to prevent and control rotavirus infections.

Rotavirus structure. Fig.1 Rotavirus structure. (Crawford, 2017)

IgA Antibodies for Rotavirus Infection

As the most abundant antibody isotype in the body, IgA plays an important role in the immune responses at mucosal surfaces such as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, the respiratory tract, and the vaginal tract. It has been documented that IgA contributes to the immune response to rotavirus infection and is a possible marker of rotavirus vaccine protection. IgA anti-rotavirus immune response is mediated by IgA effector function through multiple mechanisms, including interactions with mucosal epithelial cells, binding to a receptor, and high-affinity antigen binding, of which the magnitude is approximately 10 times greater than the intestinal IgG immune response. Consequently, secretory IgA is currently considered as a sensitive marker of rotavirus infection in young children. What's more, IgA has become the most acceptable laboratory parameter associated with vaccine efficacy and is generally used as a measure of seroconversion in clinical trials.

Novel pathway of IgA induction and longevity in the intestine. Fig.2 Novel pathway of IgA induction and longevity in the intestine. (Conner, 2013)

The development of antibodies is relatively lagging behind compared with IgG monoclonal antibodies, which have achieved great progress in the past decades. As an expert on antibody development and engineering techniques, Creative Biolabs now is also proficient in offering non-IgG antibodies development and engineering services to meet your specific needs. We will be your best partner in non-IgG antibodies development research.

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  • Fully customizable experimental design to meet specific demands;
  • One-stop service to help you save time and cost;
  • High-quality products with stronger affinity and enhanced neutralizing activity;
  • Competitive price and best after-sale service.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a quote.


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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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