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Anti-Mouse CD19 IgA Monoclonal Antibody (MB19-1)-APC Cy7 (CAT#: NGA-008)

This product is a APC-Cy7-conjugated anti-mouse CD19 monoclonal antibody gernerated from the mouse. This antibody can be used for Flow Cytometry/FACS.

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Antibody Isotype IgA
Clone MB19-1
Applications FC
Target CD19
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Antibody Type Primary antibody
Species Reactivity Mouse
Immunogen CD19+ mouse pre-B cell line
Format Liquid
Buffer PBS, pH 7.2
Storage Store at 4°C in the dark.

Target Information

Target Name CD19
Alternative Names CD19 Molecule; B-Lymphocyte Surface Antigen B4; T-Cell Surface Antigen Leu-12; Differentiation Antigen CD19; B-Lymphocyte Antigen CD19; CD19 Antigen; CVID3
Related Disease Immunodeficiency Common Variable 3; Common Variable Immunodeficiency
Gene ID 930
UniProt ID P15391
Target Overview Functions as coreceptor for the B-cell antigen receptor complex (BCR) on B-lymphocytes. Decreases the threshold for activation of downstream signaling pathways and for triggering B-cell responses to antigens. Activates signaling pathways that lead to the activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and the mobilization of intracellular Ca2+ stores. Is not required for early steps during B cell differentiation in the blood marrow. Required for normal differentiation of B-1 cells. Required for normal B cell differentiation and proliferation in response to antigen challenges. Required for normal levels of serum immunoglobulins, and for production of high-affinity antibodies in response to antigen challenge.
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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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