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Rat Anti-Mouse ACKR3 IgM Monoclonal Antibody (734110) [Alexa Fluor® 405] (CAT#: NGM-115)

This product is a conjugated anti-Mouse ACKR3 Monoclonal antibody (734110) generated from the Rat. This antibody can be used for FC.

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Antibody Isotype IgM
Clone 734110
Applications FC
Target ACKR3
Host Rat
Clonality Monoclonal
Antibody Type Primary antibody
Species Reactivity Mouse
Immunogen Recombinant mouse CXCR7/RDC-1 extracellular N-terminus and loops, aa.: Met1-Leu47, Ser103-Lys118, Lys184-Glu213, Leu274-Ala296
Format Liquid
Buffer PBS with BSA
Storage Store at 4° C.

Target Information

Target Name ACKR3
Alternative Names Atypical Chemokine Receptor 3; Chemokine Orphan Receptor 1; GPR159; RDC1; G-Protein Coupled Receptor RDC1 Homolog; Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Receptor 7 ; C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 7; G-Protein Coupled Receptor 159; CMKOR1; CXCR7; RDC-1; G Protein-Coupled Receptor
Related Disease Oculomotor-Abducens Synkinesis; Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma
Gene ID 12778
UniProt ID P56485
Target Overview Atypical chemokine receptor that controls chemokine levels and localization via high-affinity chemokine binding that is uncoupled from classic ligand-driven signal transduction cascades, resulting instead in chemokine sequestration, degradation, or transcytosis. Also known as interceptor (internalizing receptor) or chemokine-scavenging receptor or chemokine decoy receptor. Acts as a receptor for chemokines CXCL11 and CXCL12/SDF1. Chemokine binding does not activate G-protein-mediated signal transduction but instead induces beta-arrestin recruitment, leading to ligand internalization and activation of MAPK signaling pathway. Required for regulation of CXCR4 protein levels in migrating interneurons, thereby adapting their chemokine responsiveness. In glioma cells, transduces signals via MEK/ERK pathway, mediating resistance to apoptosis. Promotes cell growth and survival. Not involved in cell migration, adhesion or proliferation of normal hematopoietic progenitors but activated by CXCL11 in malignant hemapoietic cells, leading to phosphorylation of ERK1/2 (MAPK3/MAPK1) and enhanced cell adhesion and migration. Plays a regulatory role in CXCR4-mediated activation of cell surface integrins by CXCL12. Required for heart valve development.
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