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Inflammation Therapy by Non-IgG Antibodies

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Therapeutic antibodies have evolved into a mainstay of therapeutic options for patients with inflammatory diseases. As a pioneer in the field of antibody research and development, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the innovative non-IgG therapeutic antibodies products and services for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Therapeutic Antibodies for Inflammation

Inflammation is the process by which white blood cells of the body and the substances they produce protect us from the infection of foreign organisms such as bacteria and viruses. In the past decade, the development of therapeutic antibodies has evolved into a major therapeutic option for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Current therapeutic antibodies provide a wealth of experience in guiding future antibody drug development— building advantages, overcoming limitations and new opportunities to seize. In addition to widely applied IgG therapeutic antibodies, there are also some others, such as IgA, IgM, which play an important role in the fight against inflammation.

IgA for Inflammation Therapy

In addition to being the most prominent class of antibodies on mucosal sites, IgA is the second most popular antibody in the circulation. IgA has a variety of anti-, non- and pro-inflammatory properties that can be used for different immunotherapeutic strategies. The data suggest that IgA monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) represent a promising complement to antibody therapeutic strategies, especially where IgG is less suitable. For example, when active or passive mucosal immunity is required, IgA responses may be more effective. In addition, IgA mAbs are superior in antibody-mediated tumor cell killing by recruiting granulocytes and maybe a good alternative to overcome apoptosis resistance in tumor cells. The functions of different IgA forms range from neutralization only to active immunosuppression or pro-inflammatory responses, and these differences can be potentially used to design and produce IgA mAbs with specific desired therapeutic functional activities. Therefore, IgA monoclonal antibodies will become an important component of future inflammation therapeutic mAb libraries.

IgM for Inflammation Therapy

Natural IgM antibodies can recognize a variety of different microbial components, including viral antigens and bacterial toxins. Thus, a broadly reactive pattern of natural antibodies can help prevent various pathogens not previously encountered. Due in part to the high affinity of the polymeric IgM, these antibodies may contribute to the initial immune defense and control of the invading pathogen until the immune system has time to initiate a specific adaptive response. Natural IgM is the first immunoglobulin highly represented in the human fetus, as well as the earliest antibody developed phylogenetically. Although extensive research has documented the contribution of natural IgM as the first line of defense for infection, it has highlighted their potential role in maintaining immune homeostasis, preventing excessive inflammatory responses and the development of autoimmune diseases. It has been indicated that both monoclonal IgM and polyclonal IgM are able to induce anti-inflammatory signaling pathways, more importantly, these natural IgM antibodies also regulate inflammatory responses by exerting effects on ancient pathways of the innate immune system before the action of the adaptive immune system. Thus, immunoregulatory properties and the specialized effector functions of IgM provide a clinical opportunity and a theoretical basis to exploit its therapeutic potential in inflammatory disease.

Postulated contribution of natural IgM in apoptotic cell clearance. Fig. 1 Postulated contribution of natural IgM in apoptotic cell clearance. (Grönwall, 2012)

Creative Biolabs has successfully applied our special non-IgG therapeutic antibodies service for hundreds of antibody discovery projects. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.


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