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IgY Antibody

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Creative Biolabs is a reputable biotechnology company, focusing on the development and manufacture of chicken IgY antibody products. With our advanced platform and professional team of scientists, Creative Biolabs is quickly becoming a global leader in the production of high-quality IgY antibodies. We are very pleased to provide IgY antibody-related testing and research services to customers around the world.

Introduction of IgY Antibody

IgY is the most common type of immunoglobulin in birds, reptiles and amphibians, and it plays an important role in passive immunotherapy of diseases. IgY antibody is a functional analogue of immunoglobulin G (IgG). Similar to human IgG, IgY is produced at a high concentration in the serum, accumulates in the yolk to a high concentration, and is then extracted from the egg with a large number of highly purified antibodies. There are two types of IgY antibodies: specific and non-specific IgY antibodies. Specific IgY antibodies can be used to target specific antigens such as toxins or other foreign substances. Non-specific IgY antibodies can also be called natural IgY, which is purified IgY that has been spray-dried without other changes. This IgY antibody is usually related to the body's natural defenses.

Structure of IgY

Similar to IgG, the IgY molecule contains two heavy chains (H) and two light chains (L). The light chain has a constant region (CL) and a variable region (VL), and IgY has four constants on the heavy chain. The variable region is associated with antigen recognition while the constant region provides effector functions.

Structure of IgY and IgG.Fig.1 Structure of IgY and IgG. (Pereira, 2019)

Features of IgY

  • More humane and animal-friendly
  • IgY antibodies are obtained from eggs rather than animal serum. Therefore, it is a more humane and animal-friendly way to produce antibodies.

  • Higher specificity
  • IgY has greater binding avidity to target antigens than mammalian IgGs.

  • High security
  • IgY does not bind to mammalian Fc receptors or human complement system, thereby reducing the risk of allergic reactions and drug-related inflammation.

  • High yield
  • Only a small amount of antigen is required to obtain high and long-lasting IgY titers in egg yolks. In addition, chickens laying eggs regularly can provide a continuous source of IgY antibodies.

  • Suitable for diagnosis
  • IgY does not react with certain components of the human immune system and shows a greater affinity for conserved mammalian proteins. IgY does not induce specific resistance because it targets multiple antigens.

Applications of IgY

Based on the above advantages, IgY antibodies are emerging as promising tools for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Detection and treatment of influenza viruses
  • IgY developed for various influenza strains can effectively neutralize the virus and prevent infection. In addition, IgY has been developed for specific influenza proteins. Therefore, IgY has great potential in the diagnosis and prevention of various influenza virus strains.

  • IgY against COVID-19
  • At present, an IgY antibody against coronavirus has been initially developed. This antibody is suitable for people who are susceptible to COVID-19 infection. The IgY antibody will be administered as a nasal spray, which can deliver the antibody directly to the key site of the infection. The appearance of this antibody provides a promising treatment strategy for COVID-19.

  • Other applications of IgY
  • Besides use as therapeutics, prophylactic IgY can also provide passive immunity to the treated host. Additionally, IgY antibodies are closely related to diagnostic tests or protein purification processes. IgY antibodies play an important role in the detection, prevention and therapy of human and animal infections.

As a leader in the antibody field, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality IgY-related products and services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Pereira, E. P. V.; et al. Egg yolk antibodies (IgY) and their applications in human and veterinary health: A review. International immunopharmacology. 2019, 73: 293-303.

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