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Anti-PLOD2 IgA Monoclonal Antibody (1H9E1) (CAT#: NGA-084)

This product is an unconjugated anti-PLOD2 monoclonal antibody gernerated from the mouse. This antibody can be used for applications: Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry, ELISA.

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Antibody Isotype IgA
Clone 1H9E1
Applications WB; IHC; ELISA
Target PLOD2
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Antibody Type Primary antibody
Species Reactivity Human
Immunogen PLOD2 fusion protein
Format Liquid
Buffer PBS with 50% glycerol pH 7.3
Storage Store at -20°C.

Target Information

Target Name PLOD2
Alternative Names Procollagen-Lysine,2-Oxoglutarate 5-Dioxygenase 2; LH2; Procollagen-Lysine 5-Dioxygenase; Lysyl Hydroxylase 2; Lysyl Hydroxlase 2; Procollagen-Lysine, 2-Oxoglutarate 5-Dioxygenase (Lysine Hydroxylase) 2; Procollagen-Lysine, 2-Oxoglutarate 5-Dioxygenase 2; Telopeptide Lysyl Hydroxylase; Lysine Hydroxylase 2; BRKS2; TLH
Related Disease Bruck Syndrome 2; Bruck Syndrome
Gene ID 5352
UniProt ID O00469
Target Overview Forms hydroxylysine residues in -Xaa-Lys-Gly- sequences in collagens. These hydroxylysines serve as sites of attachment for carbohydrate units and are essential for the stability of the intermolecular collagen cross-links.
PLOD2,also named as LH2, forms hydroxylysine residues in -Xaa-Lys-Gly- sequences in collagens. It is a potential novel prognostic factor for HCC patients following surgery. Among the PLOD genes, PLOD2 contributes to cancer prognosis and angiogenesis. Several authors have reported that PLOD2 expression might provide prognostic information about malignant tumours such as glioblastoma. PLOD2 expression is a useful biomarker for the effects of antiangiogenic treatment for malignancy.(PMID:22098155). It has 2 isoforms produced by alternative splicing and seven glycosylation sites.
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