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IgE antibody, also known as immunoglobulin E, is the least abundant isotype that only presents in mammals. IgE antibody is similar to IgG antibody in structure, which is both Y-shaped. Generally, IgE antibodies are composed of two identical light chains and heavy chains (ε chain), where each light chain contains 1 variable domain and 1 constant domain while each heavy chain contains 1 variable domain and 4 constant domains. IgE is a heavily glycosylated antibody having a total of 6 N-linked glycosylation sites, of which glycans make up more than 10% of its molecular mass.

In the human body, IgE antibody is mainly produced by plasma cells of respiratory and digestive tract mucosa, which is at an extremely low level in the circulation of healthy people but is significantly elevated in allergic individuals. By binding to Fcε receptors on the surface of mast cells, basophils, eosinophils, etc., IgE antibody acts an essential role in inducing the allergic immune response (type I hypersensitivity) once exposed to allergens. Recently, increasing studies have pointed out that IgE antibodies exhibit potential natural roles in cancer immune surveillance, which prompts us to actively devote ourselves to the research and development of IgE antibody.

As a leading antibody products and services provider, Creative Biolabs is professional and experimental in providing global clients with high-quality IgE antibodies for diagnostic or therapeutic applications. Our specialized scientists are confident in offering the best IgE antibodies upon request. Welcome to inquire or contact us for more detailed information.

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