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Mouse Anti-Human GlcAT-P Monoclonal Antibody (NK/804)

Mouse Anti-Human GlcAT-P Monoclonal Antibody (NK/804) (CAT#: NGM-188)

This product is an unconjugated anti-Human GlcAT-P Monoclonal antibody (NK/804) generated from the Mouse. This antibody can be used for IF, IHC.

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Antibody Isotype IgM, κ
Clone NK/804
Applications IF; IHC
Target GlcAT-P
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Antibody Type Primary antibody
species Reactivity Human
Immunogen Membrane antigen from HSB-2 cells
Format Liquid
Buffer 10 mM PBS with 0.05% BSA
Storage Store at 4C.
Target Information
Target Name GlcAT-P
Alternative Names Beta-1,3-Glucuronyltransferase 1; Galactosylgalactosylxylosylprotein 3-Beta-Glucuronosyltransferase 1; Glucuronosyltransferase P; UDP-GlcUA:Glycoprotein Beta-1,3-Glucuronyltransferase; GLCATP; NK-1; LEU7 Antigen; GlcUAT-P; GLCUATP; B3GAT1; HNK-1; CD57; HNK1; LEU7; NK1
Related Disease Renal Adenoma; Chronic Nk-Cell Lymphocytosis
Gene ID 27087
UniProt ID Q9P2W7
Target Overview Involved in the biosynthesis of L2/HNK-1 carbohydrate epitope on glycoproteins. Can also play a role in glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis. Substrates include asialo-orosomucoid (ASOR), asialo-fetuin, and asialo-neural cell adhesion molecule. Requires sphingomyelin for activity: stearoyl-sphingomyelin was the most effective, followed by palmitoyl-sphingomyelin and lignoceroyl-sphingomyelin. Activity was demonstrated only for sphingomyelin with a saturated fatty acid and not for that with an unsaturated fatty acid, regardless of the length of the acyl group.

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For Research Use Only. Our products and services are NOT intended for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.






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